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And what kind of money are we talking about when cars were purchased at the most recent Pebble Beach auction?

What is it worth to you? This is a common question asked between people who have money, a lot of money, when talking about and buying the most expensive cars. And what kind of money are we talking about when cars were purchased at the most recent Pebble Beach auction? Let's find out!

Below is a list of the five most expensive cars at Pebble Beach. The majority of these vehicles are quite old classics. This might suggest that modern cars provide great 'appliance like' transportation. However, these cars stirred the emotions and really opened bank accounts!

A 1957 Ferrari Testa Rossa racecar was sold at a California auction for 16.4 million - the highest amount paid for any car at auction ever. The 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa was the first Testa Rossa built. It has a 300 hp 3.0-liter V12-cylinder engine and a four-speed manual transmission. This car won first place in the 2006 Pebble Beach Concourse d'Elegance.

A 1931 Duesenburg Model J sold for 10.3 million. The car had only five owners and only 12,500 miles on the clock prior to being purchase at the auction. The chassis for the car was purchased in 1929 but the body wasn't completed until 1931. The original hugely wealthy owner, George Whittel Jr., was heir to a big family fortune. He was reportedly smart enough to pull out of the stock market before the crash of 1929.

A 1937 Mercedes-Benz 540k for sold 9.4 million. It has a supercharged 5.4-liter 8-cylinder engine. This car brought the highest price ever for a Mercedes at any auction. This two-seater was originally purchased by prestigious owners of an Argentina clothing store. The car was later bought by an American collector in the 1960s.

A 1927 Mercedes-Benz S-Type (28/180 Sportwagen) sold for 5.8 million. It has a supercharged 6.8-liter 6-cylinder engine under its long hood (longer than the rest of the car). The supercharger only kicks in when the accelerator is nailed to the floor - then the power really came on! The car was designed by none other than Dr. Ferdinand Porsche.

A 1960 Ferrari 250 GT (short wheelbase Berlinetta Competizione) sold for 5.3 million. It has a 3.0-liter V12-cylinder engine. The car was owned by car collector, race car driver, and performance driving school head Skip Barber. The car was fully restored in Ferrari's factory workshop. The restoration took one year to complete. Regarding the process, Barber stated, "You know, I kind of got tired waiting for the car, but when it arrived, all was forgiven. It looked sensational, sounded wonderful and drove superbly."

These are expensive cars, so be sure to see them in the slideshow!

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